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WaterShare AHI
Sharing the benefits of success

Our regulated 2015-20 business plan includes a pledge to 'share the benefits of success fairly between customers and investors'. The way we will do this is through WaterShare. If we outperform our business plan there are financial rewards.  If we underperform there are penalties for South West Water.

The independent WaterShare panel, which meets three times a year, reviews and challenges South West Water's recommendations on how any rewards can be shared with customers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What are you sharing?
    We're sharing the benefits of outperforming our business plan. If we do better than expected, customers benefit.
  • How does it work?
    The independent WaterShare panel reviews and scrutinises decisions on how best to re-invest the gains of any financial rewards, as either extra investment to improve our customer service or as a bill reduction.
WaterShare Panel Minutes
September 2016pdficon.gif icon WaterShare Panel Minutes - September 2016 [147kb]
March 2016

pdficon.gif icon WaterShare Panel Minutes - March 2016 [161kb]

December 2015

pdficon.gif icon WaterShare Panel Minutes - December 2015 [191kb]

WaterShare Panel - Terms of Reference
The Terms of Reference sets out the overall purpose and responsibilities of the WaterShare Panel.
WaterShare Panel
The WaterShare Panel is to protect the interest of customers by providing an independent review.

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