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Common questions about 'leaks'

Report a leak

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Report a leak

The homeowner is responsible for the supply pipe from the boundary of the street in which the main is laid all the way into their home. 

If your property is some distance from our water main, it is likely that you will have a very long service pipe. You are responsible for the entire length of the service pipe from your house, all the way to the boundary of the street in which our water main is laid (or to the main itself if it is not laid in the street).

We don't hold information or provide information on private pipework but if you need help to confirm who is responsible for your particular service pipe please take a look at out factsheets on Water Service Pipe Responsibilities .

Leak in your property
Is the leak inside your house?
Leak within the property boundary
Is the leak between the house and the boundary of your property?
Leak outside the property boundary
Is the leak outside the property boundary?
Leaks FAQs
All you need to know about leaks
Leak allowance application forms

If you have had a leak and are seeking a contribution either towards your bill or the repair please complete and return the relevant form below.

Water Service Pipe Responsibilities
Find out where the boundaries of responsibility lie between you and South West Water.

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