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South West Water's suppliers are a key element in our vision of supplying PureWater, PureService and a PureEnvironment to our customers throughout the south west. With an annual expenditure on services and supplies of some £200 million we are seeking the best suppliers in each category to support this vision.

Our requirements cover a wide variety of supply markets from construction contracting to stationery and from customer services to pipe with a large proportion of our expenditure on services delivered within the South West region.

  • All major areas of recurrent expenditure are covered by framework agreements which are subject to a formal tender
  • Our rigorous supplier qualification procedures ensure selection of the best suppliers in each categories
  • We work in collaboration with our key suppliers through innovation and continuous improvement to drive down cost and improve service levels for our customers
  • Our commitment to sustainability ensures a sustainable company, a sustainable supply chain and a sustainable region
  • Our Procurement team works across South West Water to understand our purchasing requirements for goods and services and to plan how they can be most effectively delivered.
  • Formal market reviews are carried out by cross functional teams led by Procurement using our ISO9001 procedures to achieve a fair and objective process
  • Our procedures also ensure compliance with EU Procurement regulations and other regulatory requirements
  • Purchases are subject to South West Water's standard Terms and Conditions although formal contract conditions may also be used where appropriate 

Procurement department
South West Water
Peninsula House
Rydon Lane
Devon, EX2 7HR


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