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PR09 Price Review

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When the water industry was privatised in 1989, a regulatory body Ofwat was established. Ofwat's role is to determine the limits for charges customers pay to water companies to provide water and sewerage services to agreed standards.

Ofwat sets the maximum level of charges for water and sewerage services every five years. Although water companies produce five-year plans, we need to consider issues and plan long-term investment more than five years ahead.

The thorough price-setting process is called the Periodic Review and involves many representative bodies and organisations.

The Periodic Review in 2009 (PR09) confirmed our plans for 2010-2015. Final business plan documents for this period can be viewed here.

pdficon.gif icon Final Business, Part A summary [27kb]

Final Business Plan, Part A summary

pdficon.gif icon Final business plan - Part A [851kb]

Final Business Plan, Part A

pdficon.gif icon Final business plan - Part A Tables [86kb]

Final Business Plan, Part A tables


pdficon.gif icon Strategic Direction Statement [841kb]

This document sets out South West Water's long term aspirations for the services we provide. We are looking for feedback on our plans. The purpose of this Strategic Direction Statement is to set out our vision, so that the 2009 Periodic Review (PR09) process can be seen in context.


pdficon.gif icon Delivering PureWater PureService and a PureEnvironment [836kb]

This document is also known as the customer consultation document. Its purpose is to provide an overview of our future plans and provide a mechanism for customers to feed back their priorities and views. Customer feedback on both the consultation document and the Strategic Direction Statement (SDS) are very welcome. The SDS sets out our plans and vision up to 2030.

pdficon.gif icon The New South West and Clean Sweep and Beyond [7.1Mb]

To mark the completion of Clean Sweep, the largest environmental programme of its kind in Europe, South West Water has published a report assessing its impact and the wider benefits brought to the region.

The report also highlights the next series of challenges. Top priorities are a steady supply of water, measures to meet future economic and population growth and action to counter the effects of global warming.


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