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Renovating and cleaning water mains

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A key part of our drive for top quality tap water is keeping our water mains in good condition.

To do this we have two main programmes of work: water main rehabilitation and operational maintenance.

During the last 10 years over 5,000 kilometres of water mains have been relined or replaced throughout the region. This £400million programme has boosted our tap water to the top of the table among the 10 big water and sewerage companies in the UK.

In the future we will continue to replace and reline water mains in areas where we have identified a pattern of customers experiencing discoloured water. We expect to reline or replace over 140 kilometres of main in 2011-13.

We also undertake regular maintenance or flushing of the network. This year we will flush and maintain water quality in some 2,500km of pipes, benefiting more that 140,000 customers.

This level of activity is broadly planned for the next five years. Occasionally this will lead to supply interruptions but we will always inform you when this happens. Flushing the mains helps us to keep tap water in the top quality condition you rightly expect.

Work on my water main - what does it mean for me?

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