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In the home

The most obvious and easiest place for you to start saving water is in your home. By making small changes to your daily habits, you can make a big difference to the amount of water you use.

Around three quarters of a household's energy use relates to heating and hot water, for example, in baths or showers or for washing clothes. By taking simple steps to use water wisely families should see a reduction in their energy bills and metered customers should also see a reduction in their water bills.

The following tips are simple and effective. Most of them you can start doing today while others may take a little planning but a little effort from each household can add up to a huge reduction in water use across our region.

In the kitchen
Use a bowl of water to wash vegetables or clean dishes. Never leave taps running
If you do need to run a tap, turn it down to a trickle - it will work just as well and use up to 50% less water
Save washing-up until you have a full load to do
New washing machines and dishwashers can use 50% less water than some older machines. Always check before you buy
Only use your washing machine when you have a full load. Choose the eco-cycle if your machine has this option
Combination boiler? Run your hot tap slowly and choose times when the heating is turned on to minimise the cold water that runs to waste before the hot comes through

In the bathroom
Take a shower rather than a bath but beware - a power shower uses twice as much water as a bath, so make sure you only have a quick shower
Wait until you are ready before turning on your shower. Cut your time by using a shower timer and save up to 10 litres or more per minute
If you have a mixer shower, fit a ShowerSave and reduce the flow rate to six litres per minute
Use a plug in the basin for washing and a glass of water for cleaning your teeth
Try a low water use micro-fibre cloth for all surface cleaning in the bathroom and around the house

In the toilet
Older toilet? Fine tune your flush to save water every time
Fit a dual-flush cistern or convert your existing cistern. Make sure all the family know how to use it correctly
Check the water level in all cisterns at least once a year. Adjust the float lower to reduce the level
Check none of the overflows are running outside - look out for wet patches on paths
Many modern toilets have overflows that run into the toilet pan which you should check regularly. Try a coloured toilet freshener in the cistern to help spot a leaking overflow.

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