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How to use WaterLive

Step-by-step guide

Hints and tips

Step one
To search for events near you either enter the town name into the search box or drag the map to your location and zoom in/out
To Zoom you can either:
Use your mouse wheel, Double click the map, Use the map slide tool or
Click the square box under the slide tool and then draw a rectangle on the map you want to zoom
Step two
Click 'Search' and wait a few moments for the map to load
You may find entering a town name more effective than a postcode because the map will show more results
Step three
Your search result will now show on the map as a coloured round icon.
Step four
Click on the icons to see more information
Only click once on the icons, if you double click this may make the map zoom in
Step five
If no search results are found at the location you searched the map will show those nearest to you.
Zoom out to see more results

Try dragging the map (click+left mouse button) to a different location and see the text below the map change to match what is being displayed on the map,

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