WaterFuture - Get into water

To service the needs of our customers, we produce over 650 mega litres of drinking water and treat and disposes of around 600,000 tonnes of sewage every day. To do this, we have hundreds of treatment works, reservoirs and pumping stations. If laid end-to-end, our water pipes and sewer pipes would stretch all the way to Australia and back. Maintaining these assets involves a lot of work and a lot of expertise and we spend in excess of £100m every year doing just that.

We undertake many hundreds of projects each year ranging in size from a few thousand pounds to several million pounds. Since 2010, this work has been undertaken by an Alliance comprising our own Engineers and support staff working in partnership with construction companies and design consultants. We have named the Alliance H5O and our main partners are Interserve Project Services, Balfour Beatty, Pell Frischmann and Hyder. However, because of the wide and diverse range of projects to be delivered, H5O also involves many specialist and smaller local contractors.

All staff in H5O work as part of a single entity but with different teams focused on our non-infrastructure assets (i.e. treatment works, pumping stations and service reservoirs), our infrastructure assets (i.e. clean water pipes and sewer pipes) and reactive work. Other teams plan the work, liaise with our many customers and businesses affected by the work we do and deal with the commercial aspects of project delivery.