Centre for Resilience in Environment, Water and Waste (CREWW)

Pioneering new research centre

We’re working in partnership with the University of Exeter to establish a pioneering new collaborative research centre, designed to address some of the most pressing environmental challenges facing the water sector.

The Centre for Resilience in Environment, Water and Waste (CREWW) will accommodate state-of-the-art, specialist laboratory facilities to help academics and our own experts conduct world-leading research that will help us deliver environmental improvements whilst safeguarding water supply, improving wastewater management and service to customers.

The research will primarily focus on pressing issues such as how to protect drinking water supplies from pollution, protecting water supply networks, and predicting and preventing pollution from the wastewater network. It will also pioneer new research to enhance the safe treatment and disposal of wastewater. It will deliver tangible benefits to our staff with opportunities for training and new technology but also our customers by supporting a more resilient and better service.

Ed Mitchell, our Director of Environment, said: “Climate change, population growth and increasing customer expectations are key challenges facing the water industry so it’s vital to invest in finding new innovative and environmentally sustainable solutions.

“We already have a strong partnership with the University of Exeter in this regard. The centre is an exciting development which will bring multiple environmental benefits through collaborative working and cutting-edge research and innovation.”

The research programme will start in April 2020 and a purpose-built centre on the university’s city campus is due to open in 2022. The project will also benefit from a £10.5million grant from Research England.

See more at www.exeter.ac.uk/creww/