Lipson Vale, Plymouth



 The work in Lipson Vale forms part of a larger £28m investment in Plymouth's bathing water quality. 

South West Water has been upgrading the sewer network in Lipson Vale to improve stormwater overflows.

If you have any questions or concerns, please see if you can find an answer in our below Q&As, and if this does not answer your question, please contact our Services Helpline on 03443462020

Programme of works 

Please note: these dates are subject to change and will be updated regularly. 



30 August 2019 to mid-September 2019

Work to upgrade the sewer network is now almost complete and we are currently working to reinstate the area and complete some minor works before clearing the site.

We would like to thank customers for their patience and apologise for any inconvenience. 

Q&A: Lipson Vale

Last updated on: 02/05/2019

Q:        What is happening in my area?

A:        South West Water will be upgrading the sewer network in Lipson Vale to create a more efficient stormwater overflow to protect Plymouth's bathing waters.

The works will take place off Bernice Terrace with new pipes installed from Lipson Vale and Bernice Terrace. A works yard will be set up in the Lipson Vale Primary School field for the duration of the works.

Q:        Why are you carrying out the work?

A:        The work in Lipson Vale forms part of a larger £28m investment in Plymouth’s bathing water quality. Bathing water quality is monitored and higher quality standards were introduced in 2015. By completed these works, we are maintaining Plymouth’s position as having some of the best bathing waters in the UK. 

Q:        When is work due to start and finish?

A:        We began work in September 2018 and is due to last for approximately 12 months.

Q:        What exactly are you doing on Lipson Vale from 28-30 August?

A:        In order to complete the works we will need to access a chamber on Lipson Vale, to do this we will need to close Alexandra Road adjacent to the junction of Bernice Terrace. To avoid major disruption to the transport network we will undertake this work over the course of three nights. The work is not expected to be particularly noisy as we will not need to excavate and all the works will be underground, however we will need to use lights and small power tools.

Q:        Will there be any road closures during the works?

A:        Please refer to the programme of works near the top of this page. 

Please note that these dates may be subject to change and updates will be made to this page with more information. 

Q:        What about access for buses, bin collections and emergency vehicles?

A:        All  service providers have been informed of the work and emergency services will always be given access. 

Q:        Will there be any parking restrictions during this period?

A:        Some parking restrictions may be necessary around the working areas. These will be clearly marked with bollards before work begins. Please observe any restrictions or traffic management in place so that the works can be completed as quickly as possible.

Q:        Will I have access to my property during your works?

A:        We will ensure that access to your property is maintained at all times.

Q:        Will my waste water drainage be affected during this work?

A:        Restrictions on usage will not usually be necessary.

Q:        What about the noise?

A:        Our working hours will be Monday to Friday 7:30am to 6:30pm and noisy activities will not begin before 8:00am. 

Q:        What will happen to the playing field when the work is finished?

The field will be restored and returned to Lipson Vale Primary School. 

Q:        Where can I find more information?

A:        Regular updates and further information will be available on this page and you will be able to see at the top of the Q&A when it was last updated. If you have any further questions or concerns, you can contact our Services Helpline on 0344 346 2020.