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Buckland Food Growers Dig For Water-Saving Victory!

  Buckland Food Growers Dig For Water-Saving Victory! Imagine you had a 3-acre site to water and only two watering cans to do it with. On top of that, whenever you use your tap, 52 allotments who share your water supply, can’t use theirs. This was the frustrating reality for Buckland Food Growers before we helped them out with our...

Unblocking: The Truth

  A glimpse at what happens behind the scenes once a blockage has been reported. The sewerage system is an extremely important part of our lives whether we think about it or not. Usually, the complex maze of pipework flows no problem. But sometimes, the unimaginable happens. Suddenly, you step outside and the manhole you normally...

Funding boost for West Moors Memorial Hall increases local access

Users of West Moors Memorial Hall will notice some big changes when its doors reopen at end of lockdown – and it’s all thanks to a grant from our Neighbourhood Fund.

North Devon Care Charity Back on the Road thanks to new funding

A North Devon charity that gives disabled people the opportunity to take part in community activities has won much-needed funds to provide socially distanced transport.