21st November 2016

Why Jaime is a binner, not a flusher

Jaime Plumber

Jaime Plumber was the lucky winner of our Love Your Loo iPad competition.

Jaime Plumber, aged 17, was the lucky winner of our Love Your Loo iPad competition. 

To be in with a chance of winning, Jaime signed an online pledge promising to only flush pee, paper and poo.

When we met Jaime at her home in Croyd, North Devon, she told us that her Gran had showed her an article from a newspaper about the Love Your Loo campaign and the chance to win an iPad.

Jaime has always binned unflushable products, having experienced first-hand the impact of sewer leaks and blocked pipes. However, she was shocked to learn that people flush wet wipes and other unflushable products.

She encourages everyone to support the Love Your Loo campaign by only flushing the 3Ps - pee, paper and poo - and to also sign up for a chance to win an iPad!

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