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Marcus’ guide to biodiversity at a wastewater treatment works!

What comes to mind when you think of wastewater treatment works? Flowers, ducklings and bees? No? Our Marcus is one of our Catchment Operators based in Crediton, and he’s got an amazing ability to see life and beauty wherever he looks on site. “It’s amazing what you can see if you just stop and really look for a while,” he...

Behind the Barriers: Bude gets an upgrade!

Bude, with its sweeping beaches, meta-stone cliffs and seemingly endless, green countryside is a beautiful place to live and visit. It is currently home to just over 10,500 people, but when summer hits, the town becomes a very popular tourist destination, and its population increases dramatically. With this number set to get bigger...

Behind the Barriers: Our Dawlish Engineering Project

Strolling along the riverbank in Dawlish near the Town Council, with its sweeping lawns; merry steps of waterfalls; and palm leaves rustling in the breeze; you wouldn’t have thought that a few months ago it was the site of a massive operation to upgrade our sewer network.