Blog 2021

Looking forward: How can our community funds support you next year?

It’s nearly the New Year, and we’re looking forward to 2022 and all the new organisations we’ll get to work with. Here’s a Christmassy look at some of the projects we funded in 2021 – a great bunch of people who play an important part in their communities. If you know someone who might benefit from our Neighbourhood Fund in the new...

What do mince pies, walking poles, and ceramic flowers have in common this Christmas?

  We are incredibly proud of our communities across the South West. During 2021 we were inspired, touched and impressed by the many different projects that we supported through our Neighbourhood Fund. Here’s an extra-Christmassy look at just some of the brilliant work happening right now across our region.

Rooting for Change: Community Project Sets the Foundation for Water-Saving Future

Transforming an acre of bare agricultural land into a productive, organic, no-dig growing space is no mean feat. But that’s exactly what Community Roots have set out to do. Set above the coastal town of Porthtowan, the site has splendid 360o views of the Cornish countryside. Its exposed location does mean that the team have to...

Driven up the Wall: intoBodmin Plans to Take Action!

Hidden in a secluded corner of Bodmin, a community garden is about to undergo a fantastic transformation this winter. intoBodmin is an inspirational community outreach company whose whole purpose is to spark creativity, fun and learning in Bodmin. Fin Irwin and the other founders help bring the community together through cultural...

St. Ives Allotment Association is Fully Engaged in Water-Saving!

  Put in the spotlight in 2020 when it hosted the G7 Summit, the much-loved seaside resort of St. Ives is a sought-after holiday destination. It’s beautiful beaches, oldy-woldy streets and rich history make it a beautiful location. But the way the town has grown and expanded has left very little to no room for private gardens. Like...

St. Dennis Primary Academy Taps into Fund to Continue Excellent Work

Sometimes when you’re in the middle of the countryside, it’s hard to imagine that climate change is a real problem. With so much greenery, wildlife and a bright blue sky above you, carbon emissions, plastic pollution and melting icecaps seem distant and not applicable to the area, or to you.

Heathfield Allotment Trust Stick Their Butts Out and Halve Their Water Bill!

Lovingly known as the ‘million-dollar plots’ because of their view overlooking the Exe Estuary, the Heathfield Allotments have been bringing the community of Lympstone together since 1879. But these allotments held a dark secret.

Golf Club Swings Into Action and Saves 150,000L of Water a Year!

For the people who live on the Isles of Scilly, water scarcity is part and parcel of their everyday lives. This is because the islands’ water supply depends mainly on rainfall. The water gets soaked up and stored within rocks as ‘groundwater’ and harvested through boreholes. Unlike on the South West Peninsula, there are no surface...

Buckland Food Growers Dig For Water-Saving Victory!

Imagine you had a 3-acre site to water and only two watering cans to do it with. On top of that, whenever you use your tap, 52 allotments who share your water supply, can’t use theirs. This was the frustrating reality for Buckland Food Growers before we helped them out with our Water-Saving Community Fund.

Unblocking: The Truth

  A glimpse at what happens behind the scenes once a blockage has been reported. The sewerage system is an extremely important part of our lives whether we think about it or not. Usually, the complex maze of pipework flows no problem. But sometimes, the unimaginable happens. Suddenly, you step outside and the manhole you normally...

Funding boost for West Moors Memorial Hall increases local access

Users of West Moors Memorial Hall will notice some big changes when its doors reopen at end of lockdown – and it’s all thanks to a grant from our Neighbourhood Fund.

North Devon Care Charity Back on the Road thanks to new funding

A North Devon charity that gives disabled people the opportunity to take part in community activities has won much-needed funds to provide socially distanced transport.