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A Stitch in Time Saves Lyonesse Quilters and Stitchers

08th July 2021

Lockdown has meant we’ve all had the needle over the last year – but for craft group the Lyonesse Quilters and Stitchers there’s finally something to celebrate.


Members are busy working away on a new patchwork that is being donated to the Island Haven charity after getting their hands on new supplies and equipment courtesy of a grant from our Neighbourhood Fund.


Landing the pay-out has been a welcome boost for the club’s 15 members, who age from their late 40s to 92. Before Covid-19 struck, the ladies would meet every Thursday afternoon to sit, chat and sew, and now restrictions are lifting the group is looking forward to resuming their activities.


Member Karen Skaife applied for the grant after a pal tipped her off about the fund. She explained: “The Lyonesse Quilters and Stitchers is invaluable in creating a sense of purpose and connection amongst the Islanders. The last year has been especially hard on our members and we are very grateful for South West Water’s funding as there is absolutely no way that we would be able to afford the equipment and supplies for this project without it.


“This money will enable us to do something creative and enjoyable bringing together the club for the wider community.”


Skaife said the Stitchers were entirely self-funded, so members were keen to make something special thanks to the grant. It is hoped the patchwork project will be raffled by the Island Haven, which raises funds to pay for accommodation for the families of locals who go off-island for hospital treatment.


Jo Ecroyd, South West Water’s Customer Services Director, said: “We’re overjoyed that we can contribute to the likes of Lyonesse Quilters and Stitchers after such a tough 12 months for us all. I’m in awe of people like Karen and her group, who use their spare time and passion to help others and am thrilled that in a way South West Water is able to contribute to that incredible work.”


In the past, the club has created quilts and soft furnishings for a range of local good causes, including the Children’s Hospice South West.


This funding comes as part of our assigned fund of £100,000 to support community groups and initiatives which will improve the lives of residents in Devon, Cornwall and Dorset.


The local community groups which are currently greatly benefitting from the Neighbourhood Fund have been struck by the effects of the pandemic due to a limited supply of cash and the inability to receive funds through typical methods of fundraising.

For further information please contact:

To find out more about the Neighbourhood Fund, visit southwestwater.co.uk/community/support/neighbourhood-fund