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4 ways to reuse water

05th August 2022

4 ways to reuse water

From buckets in the bathroom to pasta water on plants, we run through four simple ways to be kinder to the planet and reuse water around the home.

1. Feed your plants and shrubs with pasta water
When washing vegetables and boiling pasta we tend to let the excess water disappear down the plughole never to be used again, but did you know it can be used to water your plants? Yes, even pasta water.

Although soaps and detergents are typically harmless to plants, there are some types of water found in the kitchen that can damage soil and damage your plants over time. To avoid ruining your flower beds, make sure any excess water from the kitchen doesn’t contain bleaches, disinfectants, dishwater salt and some stronger cleaning products.

2. Clean your car with shower water
On average, showers use between 12 and 15 litres of water per minute. Placing a bucket underneath the flow of water means you’ll soon have enough to clean your car. Make sure you pop the bucket in as soon as you turn the shower on to collect the ‘warming up’ water that’s too chilly to stand under.

If you prefer a soak in the tub, don’t pull the plug as soon as you’re done. Fill a bucket or two and use it to give your car a good scrub.

3. Cook and clean food with excess drinking water
Plenty of us have done it, thrown drinking water down the drain because we’ve decided it’s no longer cold enough. Rather than chucking the contents of your glass away you could collect the leftover water to use later.

Try keeping a large saucepan next to your sink to empty your water into and you’ll soon have enough to clean your veg and even cook foods like pasta.

4. Bathe your pets from your bath
Forget pulling the plug when you step out of the bath and try giving your furry family members a scrub. You’ll need to use dog-safe shampoos and invest in the right grooming gear but there’s no need to run a separate bath.

Recycling bathwater is kinder to the planet and to your pets, as some dogs are spooked by the sound of running water. Not only does it make the job easier, you won’t have to worry about rushing your own bath time as animals prefer to bathe in cooler water.

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