2020/21 Indicative Wholesale Charges

Water supply wholesalers are required to publish indicative primary charges for the wholesale services they provide to retailers, in line with Ofwat's wholesale charging rules. The indicative wholesale charges are calculated and shown separately for South West Water and Bournemouth Water.

The figures provided in the linked documents below are indicative only. They are intended for retailers of services to business customers and are not end-user tariffs.

It must be noted that they have been developed using best endeavours, notwithstanding considerable uncertainty remaining around the 2020-25 price review process. This uncertainty will continue until Final Determinations are published by Ofwat in December 2019. In consequence these indicative charges are subject to greater uncertainty than is usual, and the South West Water Board highlights, that given this, the tariffs will be subject to change.

Before being finalised, the charges will be remodelled to comply with the Final Determination. They will also be subject to an updated demand forecast and the official CPIH  figure (the relevant inflation index for the industry from 1 April 2020) as at November will be applied.

2020/21 final wholesale tariffs, together with non-primary charges, will be published in January 2020.

Board Statement of Assurance

To the extent that significant uncertainty will remain until Final Determinations are published, and indicative charges have been developed using best endeavours and known information,  the Board considers the process that South West Water has gone through in setting the 2020/21 indicative wholesale tariffs for both South West Water and Bournemouth Water is sufficient to ensure that in all material aspects the wholesale charges comply with the relevant legal and statutory obligations and have been developed in accordance with Ofwat’s Wholesale Charging Rules.

The Board's Statement of Assurance on the tariff development process can be found below.


Special Agreements

In accordance with section 142(6A) of the Water Industry Act 1991 all water companies are required to notify Ofwat of any new Special Agreements that they enter into with their customers.

Ofwat’s Information Note 16/02 set out the requirement that companies publish information on any new Special Agreements that have been entered in to.

For the purpose of compliance with this requirement, information on any new Special Agreements is shown below.

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