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Making every drop count during Water Saving Week and beyond

23rd May 2019

Water Saving Week brought out the competitive nature in staff and directors at South West Water who took on the challenge to use less than 100 litres a day (per person in household).

Teams competed against each other for the coveted 100Ltr Challenge Cup, with some teams going to extreme water-saving measures to make savings including not washing their hair all week, and only flushing the toilet once a day!

We even had a team entry from our colleagues at the Environment Agency who called themselves the “EA AquaNoughts”.

The “FatBergs” were the overall winners with a PCC (per capita consumption) of 30 litres.

Head of Water Resources and Water Efficiency Rob Scarrott said: “The week has been a real success and has got our employees thinking about water efficiency, and taking the message home to their families.  It proves that we can all do our bit to reduce water use, but the challenge is to keep it up.”

The Directors at South West Water also stepped up to the challenge by installing Hydrao shower heads, which monitor shower consumption via an app and change colour depending on how much water you are using.

25 of these innovative shower heads, which won the 2018 Waterwise UK Water Efficiency Product Award as well as being WRAS approved, were given away to customers as part of our Water Saving Week competition.

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