2020 News

Get ready for winter, advises South West Water

We’re all likely to be spending much more time at home this winter, and it’s important to be prepared for the colder weather ahead.


South West Water to kick-start careers for region’s unemployed young people

South West Water is providing jobs for 50 unemployed young people across the region as part of the Government’s new Kickstart scheme.


South West Water owner Pennon Group announces half-year results

Pennon Group, the owners of South West Water, announced their half-year results today. This is the company’s first financial announcement since 1 in 16 households in the South West became shareholders in the company last month.


A new dawn for Mayflower and the end of an era for Crownhill

Today (Wednesday 4 November), a quarter of a million people in the Plymouth area will be drinking water produced by a new, state-of-the-art treatment works.


New ownership scheme opens up for South West Water customers

The number of people taking a stake in South West Water’s parent company has more than tripled, after one in 16 households chose to become shareholders under a pioneering scheme which shares the water company’s success with customers.


Lord Taylor of Goss Moor appointed as champion for water customers

Lord Matthew Taylor of Goss Moor has been appointed as the independent chair of a panel which will champion the voice of South West Water customers, giving them a greater say in the company.


South West Water shares £20m with customers

In an industry first, South West Water (SWW) will soon be sharing £20 million with customers after outperforming its last business plan. From Monday (21 September) customers are being invited to choose how they would like to receive their £20.


Work starts on sewer improvements in Exeter

South West Water has started work to improve a section of the sewerage network on Topsham Road in Exeter.


Work starts on sewer upgrade in Bishop Tawton

A scheme to replace a section of sewer in Bishop Tawton to increase resilience and improve the service to residents and businesses will start next week.


Tap water is precious – use less, save more

The recent warm, dry weather, coupled with people spending more time at home and in the garden, is increasing demand for water across the region.


Vandals damage important water infrastructure

South West Water is urging members of the public to help protect essential water supply infrastructure by reporting vandalism.


Plymouth’s water supply given extra protection against drought

South West Water has started essential work to build a new pumping station to protect the water supply in Plymouth during dry weather.