2022 News

12 August 2022 - Update on continued dry weather

We are here to deliver over 870 million litres of clean, safe, and reliable drinking water every day to a population of 3.5m customers and up to ten million visitors in the summer months.

TV Gardener’s top tips for saving water in the garden

Following the driest July for England since 1935, with just 35% of its average rainfall, conserving water is at the forefront of peoples’ minds all over the UK. With hosepipes using around 1,000 litres of water per hour, the garden is the perfect place to cut down usage, helping save water and reduce bills.

Publication of application to Ofwat to merge South West Water & Bristol Water licences

On 7 March 2022 Bristol Water joined the Pennon Group comprising of South West Water, Bournemouth Water and Pennon Water Services serving 3.1 million customers across the Greater South West.

3 August 2022 - Update on continued dry weather

We continue to experience an unprecedented and prolonged period of hot and dry weather, alongside extremely high levels of demand.