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South West Water switches to 100% renewable source electricity in Net Zero drive

23rd May 2022

South West Water has taken a huge step towards becoming Net Zero by 2030 after switching to 100% renewable source electricity.

The water company started its new electricity contract with renewable energy supplier, ENGIE, last month (April 2022) and has transferred all of its electricity sites to the new renewable source.

Around 80% of South West Water’s electricity is used to pump or treat both drinking water and wastewater. This new electricity source will reduce the carbon impact of South West Water’s operations by an estimated 63,400 tCO2e (tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent) in the year 2022/23 alone – the equivalent approximate use of electricity as a town the size of Torquay1.

Angus Berry, South West Water’s Head of Energy, said: “We’re delighted to be welcoming Engie as our electricity supplier. This contract supports our innovation and will play a key part in our Net Zero ambitions by providing 100% renewable source electricity.”

“A cornerstone of our journey to becoming Net Zero by 2030 and beyond is how we maximise self-generation from renewables at our sites across the South West – working with partnerships like ENGIE and using our expertise.

“We are aiming to achieve up to 50% self-generated energy by 2030 and where we cannot generate enough ourselves to meet all our needs, 100% of the energy we purchase will be from renewable sources.”

“In the South West region, we have some of the UK’s best natural resources for generating clean renewable electricity. We turn some of the rainfall that falls on the higher moors into hydroelectricity. Being one of the sunniest areas of the UK also means it’s an ideal location for solar power.”

Dave Knaggs, ENGIE Supply UK’s Sales Director said: “We have worked closely with South West Water to understand their needs and are proud to be supporting their target of reaching Net Zero by 2030. This partnership is important as we want to help all our customers achieve their carbon ambitions.”

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For more information on South West Water’s Net Zero plans, visit southwestwater.co.uk/about-us/sustainability/net-zero-plan/