South Devon University Technical College

We are proud to be an employer partner to the South Devon University College in Newton Abbott. With our involvement committed from the outset, seeing the doors first opening to students in September 2015 was an exciting milestone to realise.

Working alongside the UTC we can raise the profile and visibility of the careers and opportunities with us and across the Water Industry as a whole, particularly in engineering and science based careers where there is a strong need to attract young people into these sectors.

Our ambition is to develop the young people in our region to become the engineers and scientists of the future, and a first step is to motivate the students at the UTC to follow a STEM career, preferably with us.

By linking the curriculum to employer led initiatives we help to provide a holistic and pragmatic view of the areas they study, where they can learn something in the classroom, and then see it come to life, in our workplace, making learning richer. We know there is tremendous value in opening our doors and inviting in the workforce of the future, we can learn from their fresh thinking, their innovative ways and pass on these benefits to our customers and communities through improvement to our core services.

Our involvement to date has included delivering bespoke work experience programmes, arranging year group visits to places of interest, running educational activities and challenges for existing students, supporting career choice events and for those students thinking of joining or transferring to the UTC we have supported open evenings and keep warm events and given them a warm welcome at their first week induction.

Working in partnership, inspiring and supporting the students at the UTC to be job ready and technically equipped with the skills we require not only in our industry, but across the region to aid growth and prosperity has so far been very rewarding and long may it continue.

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