Sustainability targets 2018/19

Each year, we set ourselves a number of sustainability targets which are consistent with the Pennon Group's wider strategic sustainability objectives. These are:

  • Manage Pennon Group as a sustainable and successful business for the benefit of shareholders and other stakeholders
  • Aim to ensure that all our business activities have a positive economic, social and environmental impact on the communities in which we operate
  • Engage with all our stakeholders and foster good relationships with them
  • Strive for the highest standards of health and safety in the workplace so as to minimise accidents, incidents and lost time
  • Develop and motivate our employees, treat them fairly and ensure that they are fully engaged in all aspects of the Pennon Group's objectives
  • Aspire to leadership in minimising emissions that contribute to climate change, and develop climate change adaption strategies
  • Aspire to leadership in all aspects of waste prevention and resource efficiency.

Our performance against the targets is described in the company's Annual Reports.

Our sustainability targets for 2018/19 are as follows:


  • To ensure the average time taken to fix significant customer reported leaks is less than 2 days
  • To achieve zero category 1&2 pollution incidents which are our responsibility from our waste water assets
  • To increase the number of farms that have an agreed plan to benefit the environment and the acres of farmland under revised management plans and delivering environmental outcomes of 1,290 farms and 7,692 acres


  • To minimise our supply interruptions to customers and ensure that they do not exceed 0.214 hours / property
  • To increase number of customers assisted through our Water affordability initiatives in line with our Business Plans of 29,000
  • To invest at least £80k in the local community through sponsorship and charitable donations during the year and measure benefits this investment has delivered


  • To achieve 79% employee satisfaction / engagement in our annual survey
  • Our desire is to have no accidents at work and our target is to achieve a reducing accident frequency rate
  • To have extended the recruitment of Apprentices on our programme by the end of 2018/19 to over 160


  • To achieve an average of 90% of our customers being satisfied or very satisfied with our overall services
  • To achieve an average of 80% of our customers being satisfied with the value for money for our services
  • To ensure our Drinking Water and Waste Water activities are emitting a reduced level of greenhouse gas compared to 2014/15 in line with our business plans (kt CO2e) (DW 50 & WW 102)

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