WaterFuture - Get into water

What is WaterFuture?

Every five years we submit our investment plans which are known in the industry as a ‘Price Review’. The next Price Review is in 2019 and it will determine prices for the period 2020-2025.  The process of looking forward and understanding customer priorities for us at South West Water is called ‘WaterFuture.’   The development of the plan is overseen and challenged by an independent WaterFuture Customer Panel.


Our Business Plan

Our business plan for the period 2020-25 has been submitted to Ofwat, the water industry regulator.

The plan must reflect what we need to do to meet statutory and legal obligations determined by Directives such as the European Union’s Bathing Waters or requirements set out by our regulators like the Environment Agency and Drinking Water Inspectorate. The plan must also reflect what is important to our customers.

Ahead of submitting the 5 year plan we have set out our long term vision.

Once our plan is submitted to Ofwat – it is assessed before Ofwat issue its Draft and Final Determination of each company’s plan which sets price limits over the five years.

It is important to remember funds for investment do not come through central or local government. Every company must finance its investment proposals with revenue from customers and by attracting large scale investors such as pension funds and banks.


Customer research

We want to make sure the plan reflects the views, needs and wants of our current and future customers.  We have been carrying out research through surveys and focus groups to seek your views and find out what your priorities are.  

We published our Proposals and Choices 2020-25, click here to read the document.  Throughout April 2018 we invited all customers to come and 'have your say' - consultation finished 30 April 2018.


Water Resources Management Plan

Please note: a separate consultation is also being held between 7 March and 25 May 2018 on our Draft Water Resource Management Plan. For details please visit www.southwestwater.co.uk/water-resources-management-plan