Business plan 2015-2020

After two years of consultation with our customers and stakeholders, the South West Water Business Plan details the activities and investments that we will undertake during the 2015-20 period.

The plan is designed to keep our customers’ bills affordable and deliver value for money services while also:

  • enabling us to meet or exceed the high quality standards set by our regulators
  • safeguarding our existing investments (e.g. networks, treatment works, operational assets and systems)
  • minimising the impact of our activities on the environment
  • safeguarding fair returns for investors with additional incentives for outperformance shared with customers
  • ensuring we can meet future challenges such as climate change, population growth and new legislation.

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Customer Version Full version 

March 2014 update

In December 2013 we published our business plan to 2020 following the largest ever consultation with customers.

In March 2014, we made some changes to the plan following further feedback from customers and discussions with Ofwat, the water industry regulator. This document summarises our proposed changes to that plan, which could see bills falling by 13% below inflation by 2020.

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Customer summary

Customer summary

Your wastewater services to 2020

An easy-to-read summarised version of the South West Water Business Plan containing key information relevant to customers.

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Main plan to 2020

Main business plan - Full version

The South West Water Business Plan is our main business plan document for the integrated business (wholesale and retail).

It contains details relevant to stakeholder groups and regulatory bodies and is designed to provide in-depth narrative on our planned strategies, activities and investments. (98 pages)

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The WaterFuture Customer Panel Report

The WaterFuture Customer Panel Report to Ofwat

An independently authored document which captures the conclusions of the customer challenge panel responsible for scrutinising and challenging our business-planning activities.

It includes the panel’s conclusions about the quality of our engagement with our customers and stakeholders and how well our plan meets their needs and priorities.

Investor Summary