Watershare Panel Minutes

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In September 2017 the WaterShare Panel merged with the WaterFuture Panel. Further minutes of the panel meetings can be found here.

The panel minutes from all the previous meetings can be viewed below:


July 2017

WaterShare Panel Minutes - July 2017
December 2016 WaterShare Panel Minutes - December 2016
September 2016 WaterShare Panel Minutes - September 2016
May 2016 WaterShare Panel Minutes - May 2016
March 2016 WaterShare Panel Minutes - March 2016
December 2015 WaterShare Panel Minutes - December 2015
August 2017 WaterShare Panel 2016/17 Year End Report


Governance and operation of the panels

Following the publication of Ofwat's draft methodology it is clear that the role of the CCG is more prescribed and has even greater emphasis than it did for PR14. The expectations are for the CCG to hold tthe company to account for delivery of PR14 (this has been the role of the WaterShare Panel and Customer View Groups for SWW and BW respectively) as well as review, challenge and scrutinise the company's plans for the future in PR19 (this has been the role of the WaterFuture Customer Panel). With the clear cross-over of activities between the WaterShare and WaterFuture Customer Panels it has been decided to merge the two of these panels with immediate effect. This will help us to address the increasing demands and expectations that the publication of the PR19 methodology places on CCG's and its members over the next year as companies look to finalise their business plan submissions.