Our Story

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When the water industry was transferred out of the public sector in 1989 South West Water inherited reservoirs, treatment works, water mains and sewers which were outdated and had been outgrown by the population they served. Since then we have invested heavily in modernising the region’s water and wastewater services, bringing them in line with stringent environmental standards and other regulations.

South West Water is part of Pennon Group PLC and in April 2015 Bournemouth Water was acquired by Pennon and from 1 April 2016 has been integrated with South West Water under a single operating licence. Both identities have been retained by the company in their original operating areas.

The nature of our peninsula, with its dispersed population, lengthy coastline, hilly topography and limited groundwater reserves, has shaped the way in which the company operates. Through the years, by innovating, investing and adapting we have achieved industry-leading results in many areas of the business.

Our extensive programme of environmental improvement has resulted in some of the finest bathing waters in Europe, picturesque scenery and clean rivers with stunning wildlife.