Pennon Group Plc

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Pennon Group Plc is a company at the top end of the FTSE 250 which owns South West Water Limited and Viridor Limited.Pennon has assets of around £6.2 billion and a workforce of around 5,000 people.


Strategic priorities
Our strategic objectives are set and monitored through a rolling long-term strategic planning process. This takes into account potential risks and our sustainability drivers.

  1. Leadership in UK water and waste - we aim to lead in the water and waste sectors by capitalising on Group strengths, capabilities, best practice and synergies and achieving the right balance between risk and reward.

  2. Leadership in cost base efficiency - we are focused on driving down overheads and operating in the most efficient way to minimise costs.

  3. Driving sustainable growth - we actively seek opportunities to invest for growth, whether through investment to increase our asset portfolio, initiatives to expand our customer base or partnerships with other organisations.


We carry out our business through:

South West Water Limited which provides water and sewerage services in Devon, Cornwall and parts of Dorset and Somerset.

Viridor Limited which is one of the UK's leading recycling, waste management and renewable energy businesses.


Pennon Group employs around 5,000 people within South West Water and Viridor (a significant proportion of whom are also based in the region), making it one of the largest employers in the South West and therefore important to the regional economy.

The Pennon Group Plc web site provides an update on its share price every 15 minutes and throughout the trading day, publishes its results on-line and has a section of information for shareholders. Its Media Centre features regular press releases, facts and figures about the Group and maintains a picture bank for downloading.

It also produces an on-line version of its Annual Report and Accounts.