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We believe you should receive the highest standards of customer service and we are committed to providing this.

Our Customer Promise fully explains our promises and the standards of service you can expect from us. Some of these are based on standards set by Government; we see these as a minimum requirement and, in many instances have improved on these or introduced additional standards demonstrating our commitment to providing excellent service. These promises cover a range of commitments including account queries, supply interruptions and sewer flooding.

Our Codes of Practice include information on the services we provide and our legal obligations and responsibilities as well as our rights and responsibilities.

We aim to always provide you with the highest possible service by treating you courteously, fairly, efficiently and making your contact with us as simple as possible. However, sometimes problems do occur and when they do, we want to know so we can put them right. Our Complaints and Compliments leaflet explains how we handle complaints.

Our Customer Promise

Codes of Practice

Code of Practice on our water supply services

In this leaflet we explain our water supply services, how we supply you with your water, information on quality and pressure, what to do if you have a problem with your water and who to contact.

Code of Practice on our waste water services

In this leaflet we explain how we dispose of your wastewater, the different types of sewers, responsibilities for pipework, wastewater treatment, the adoption of private sewers and who to contact if you need to.

Code of Practice on our charges, bills and water meters

In this leaflet we explain about metering, different ways to pay, and how we calculate charges for water and wastewater services.

Code of Practice on leakage for domestic customers

In this leaflet we set out how we’re able to help with the cost of replacing or repairing your underground private supply pipe if you have a leak. If you pay metered charges this leaflet also tells you what we’ll do if you have a large bill because of the leak.

Code of Practice on payment and debt recovery

In this leaflet we explain what we will do if you fall into debt and what help and support we can give you if you’re having problems paying a water bill.

Code of Practice on priority services

In this leaflet we explain how you can register for our priority services and the help and support we can offer.  The Priority Services Register is a free service to customers who have particular requirements. If you need extra help, we’re here to support you.  

Code of Practice for the exercise of pipelaying powers on private land

It sets out good practice with regard to our powers and duties when we lay or carry out work on pipes in private land, or do work to prevent contamination of the water in our waterworks. 

Isles of Scilly Non-Household Code of Practice

This leaflet comprises four sections: Customer Promise, Leakage Policy, Payment and Debt Recovery Policy and Complaints Policy

Complaints and Compliments