Sewer flooding claim form

We are not generally liable for the escape of sewage, but we are sorry for any problems this may have caused. However you may be entitled to a Guaranteed Standard of Service payment under our customer promise.

If you are the account holder and we have been to your property to investigate a sewer flooding which you have been given a Work Order number for, and you believe you are entitled to a Customer Promise Payment, please complete the form below. Otherwise please contact our helpline number on 0344 346 2020.

Are you the account holder?
Did the flooding occur at the above address?

Making a claim for a Customer Promise payment does not affect your legal rights in respect of an escape of sewage. The Water Supply and Sewerage Services (Customer Service Standards) Regulation 2008 issued by the Secretary of State entitles customers to payments where escapes have occurred subject to certain conditions. Should you be eligible for a Customer Promise payment, this does not constitute an acceptance of liability by South West Water for any loss or damage that you may have suffered.

The Customer Service Regulations specify a time limit for payments to be submitted to South West Water. Customers must make a written claim within three months of being materially affected by effluent on their property in order to be considered for the relevant payment.