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What is it?

Surface water is rainwater that drains from the any part of your property (the roof or driveway for example) in to our sewers.  Most properties have connections to our sewers for the disposal of surface water, but some do not.

How do I know if my surface water drains into your sewers?

If you have a drain that connects to our sewer which receives rainwater from any part of your property or land, your property is connected for surface water drainage. If you live in a flat or have a shop below a flat, your property will be connected if the rainwater from the building runs into our sewer.

Am I charged for surface water drainage?

Our tariffs include a charge for foul sewage and highway drainage, and for surface water drainage. Your tariff will depend on whether you have a connection to our sewer as some customers have private surface water drainage systems. If you believe your property doesn’t have a surface water connection, please contact us. We will check our records and may visit your property to assess the drainage arrangements. We’ll then confirm if you are entitled to a discount.

To discuss surface water drainage charges call us on 0344 346 1010, our opening hours are 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday & Saturday 9am – 1pm