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Every year, tens of thousands of litres of waste fat, cooking oil and grease are poured down sinks by people who don't realise the problems this could cause.

When hot fat, oil and grease cools it forms a solid mass which can build up inside your pipes.

Blocked pipes can cause flooding and pollute our beautiful beaches and countryside. It can easily be avoided. 



8,500 blocked sewers 

Every year our wastewater team deals with around 8,500 blocked sewers across Devon and Cornwall, which costs about £4.5million to unblock.


£35m to maintain and upgrade 

This has an impact on bills, which we're trying to keep as low as possible. Overall, we spend £35million a year to maintain and upgrade the sewerage network.


Like you, we care about the environment and want to deliver a valued service. When we asked, customers said these were among their top priorities: 

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Reliable wastewater services 

Ensuring our customers can rely on us to remove and dispose of wastewater safely and efficiently, and that the likelihood of sewer flooding is minimised.

Protecting the environment 

Minimising our impact on the world around us and taking steps to protect and enhance it where possible.

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