Fire sprinkler systems

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If you’re installing or designing a fire sprinkler system, you’ll need to know about the water pressure in our pipe network and the associated responsibilities.

Water Pressure

We’ll provide a minimum of 7 metres static head, which meets with the requirements of the Water Industry Act 1991, (We can’t guarantee pressure above 7 metres static head) which is the standard for domestic use.

You’ll need to keep in mind the following points:

  • Water pressure will vary depending on the season and time of day
  • Water supplies may be interrupted for planned (normally with notice) or emergency maintenance (often without notice)
  • We may alter the pressure in the network to meet with demands (but we’ll always maintain the minimum)


Fire sprinkler Designer/Installer

The designer/installer should install the system in accordance with the appropriate British/European standard and comply with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999. There should be no connections from the dedicated fire fighting supply for domestic purposes.
If you choose to install a sprinkler system directly from the mains water supply and we alter the pressure, we are not liable for any failure of the fire sprinkler installation or for the consequences of not installing a storage based system.

Building owner

  • Consult with the designer/installer and specify the required internal diameter of service pipe connection before requesting any new water connection.
  • Ensure that any claims that are made in respect of liability for the operation or failure of the system are cleared and resolved.
  • Maintain the associated check/isolation valves and ensure that the fire system is serviced as detailed in the manufacturers’ recommendations
  • Ensure that the pipework used for fire fighting fittings purposes is solely used for this only and does not have any connections to other fittings.
  • Cover us against any loss of revenue associated with water usage not in connection with fire fighting fittings or testing.
  • If a water meter is not installed on a fire fighting dedicated supply and the owner has used water for non fire fighting activities, the owner will pay for a water meter and pay charges for the usage. It’s an offence to use water in this way and legal proceedings will be instigated.

Our full Fire Sprinkler policy is available here.