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How much does a new water connection cost?

We’ll provide you with a quote which will be specific to your connection requirements after we’ve completed a site survey. The quote will be made up of: Connection costs (all work, materials required for us to make connection) Traffic management (depending on the location of our water main, there will be costs involved in managing the traffic) Infrastructure charges (all properties connecting to...

How do I apply for a new water supply?

We’ll send you an application form and information pack in the post; we’ll call you back to arrange this. Please complete the details in our Arrange a free call back section on the right. When you’ve completed the form, we’ll contact you within 3 working days of receiving it, to arrange a site survey. There’s more information here about our new water connection process. If you require new supplies...

Do I qualify for the £50 Government contribution?

You will receive a £50 reduction per year, if you match the following criteria, which was set by the Government: All household customers with a South West Water account (that do not pay Business rates Council tax) Any household customer who pays for their water via a 3rd party (reseller) Customers living in housing provided by the MoD, housing associations and local authorities

Can I separate my shared supply?

Yes, if you would like to separate your supply from a shared supply you can apply for a new connection. We’ll give you a 20% discount (up to a maximum of £250) on our charges for the work that’s required to install and connect our part of the new supply pipes to the water main. For any alterations required on your private supply or plumbing, you’ll need your own plumber. Approved plumbers can be...

Bills FAQs