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Our five-year Price Promise is to keep average household bill rises below inflation until 2020.

At the same time, we are spending around £1billion on improving our services to you.

Our Price Promise is a direct result of what you, our customers told us when we consulted you. You told us that you want us to keep our costs and prices down, but not at the expense of future service levels.

The £50 Government Contribution for all our household customers will continue to reduce bills again this year.

If you’re switching to a meter you’re also forecast to reduce your bill by an average of £300 - £400. Exact savings will vary according to the services you use, your tariff and the amount of water you use or the rateable value of your property.

The ‘average household bill’ calculation is used by the water industry to ensure all companies present information in the same way. It is calculated as ‘total household revenue ÷ total household customers’. The industry uses it as it is the most consistent way for stakeholders to compare bill movements. It will not represent the bill many customers will receive, due to a number of factors such as metered or unmetered, single or dual service provision, size of rateable value or water consumption.

RPI inflation for the previous November is used as the basis for any bill changes. Companies are currently obliged by the conditions of their licence to use RPI but from April 2020 the water industry regulator Ofwat will change this to CPIH (the Consumer Prices Index including owner occupier housing costs).

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