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Our prices change on 1 April each year and follow the rules set out in legislation and by Ofwat, the industry regulator. We think it is important that you know how your bill is set and how we use the money you pay us to cover the cost of supplying you with clean water and removing and treating your wastewater.

How your bill is set

In setting prices for our customers, we consider the current pressures on household incomes and the investment we need to improve services and water quality such as investing in our assets, responding to issues on our network of pipes, and protecting natural resources for future generations. At the same time we are improving our efficiency which will further reduce our costs and keep bills as low as possible.

We charge for water based on either the amount of water you use if your supply is metered, or the rateable value of your property if you don’t have a meter. In addition, we apply a standing charge to cover the cost of billing and administration.

What does your bill pay for?

Need help with your bill?

We understand that some of our customers may have problems paying all of their household bills. If you’re having difficulty please visit our help page.

The £50 reduction

In the South West there is also a Government contribution of £50 reduction on household bills, which will be applied until 2020. This aims to address the unfairness of 3% of the nation’s population in our region supporting the £2 billion Clean Sweep clean-up of a third of the country’s bathing waters. You can find out more information here.

Water Charges 2019/20

Water Charges 2018/19

How we are sharing our success

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How your charges are assured

Visit our Charges Assurance page to find out more.

How can we help?

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