Our apprenticeship programme

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We have apprentices throughout Devon and Cornwall across most areas of the business.

We offer apprenticeships in a variety of business disciplines and all are advertised on the National Apprenticeship Service website and on Our vacancies page.

As part of the programme, apprentices will complete a technical certificate with their training provider. They will also undertake a structured vocational learning course which will lead to a nationally accredited qualification. All qualifications are tailored to the work that apprentices will be completing during their time here at South West Water.

Our current apprentices fulfil roles in the following areas:

Drinking Water Operations

Waste Water Operations

Civil Engineering

Information Technology

Source Customer Service




Technical Services




All apprentices work with a designated mentor when they begin their apprenticeship, who they can rely on for support.

We have an established apprentice community, known as The Apprenticeship Team (The A-Team), which  our apprentices set up. The group meets regularly for lunches, followed by an information session from employees around the business, on anything from the water industry to employee development. It's also a great way for both operational apprentices and head office apprentices to meet and get to know each other.

Some of the Apprenticeship Team members pictured below:

Anyone interested in apprenticeships should search 'South West Water' on the National Apprenticeship Service website.