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You'll find all of our contact information here, which includes our most frequently asked questions, arrange a free call back form and our telephone numbers.

Where can I find plans of pipework in my area?

For location of private pipework in your area contact your local District Council or check your house deeds. If you are a land or property owner you can request an asset plan by emailing Source for Searches.  For solicitors/conveyancers looking for a water and drainage search (CON29DW) can find more information at Source for Searches. You can visit us at our head office in Exeter between 9am and...

How much water does an average person use?

The national average annual usage figures have been taken from The Consumer Council for Water and are listed below:   Yearly water use in Cubic Metres m3 Number of people living in your home Low use Average use High use 1 45 66 100 2 55 110 136 3 82 136 175 4 110 165 210 5 136 182 245 6 155 200 265 1 cubic metre = 1000 litres Your usage may be lower or higher for different...

What do I need to do when I move house?

Let us know you’re moving online by completing one of the following forms: New Customer, Returning Customer, Moving within the South West Leaving the South West Or we’ll call you back if you prefer. Please complete the details in our Arrange a free call back section on this page. Metered propertiesIf you’re moving from or into a home with a meter, we’ll need the readings from all the meters on...

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