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How do you charge for sewerage?

We have 2 ways of charging for sewerage which covers receiving, treating and disposing of foul sewage: Sewerage 1 – This covers foul, highway and surface water drainageSewerage 2 – This covers foul and highway drainage Our 2018/2019 charges for household customers are here. For non – household customers our 2018/2019 charges are here.

How much water does an average person use?

The national average annual usage figures have been taken from The Consumer Council for Water and are listed below:   Annual water use in Cubic Metres CM3 Number of people living in your home Low use Average use High use 1 45 66 100 2 55 110 136 3 82 136 175 4 110 165 210 5 136 182 245 6 155 200 265 1 cubic metre = 1000 litres Your usage may be lower or higher for different...

Can I pay regularly by instalments?

Yes, if you’d find it easier to manage your bill my paying more regularly, we have payment plans available: If you don’t have a meter:Annual bills with payment due on 1 April each year for the year ahead.    Payment plan                      Details Half yearly  2 Instalments allowing you to pay half on 1 April and half on 1 October by Direct Debit Monthly 10 Direct Debit instalments from...

What do I do if I have a leak inside my house?

You can watch our video to find out where the leak is. If you’ve confirmed a leak inside your house by carrying out a leak check on the meter or can hear or see running water, you’ll need to speak to a plumber to check your internal pipework or fittings. Approved plumbers can be found through WaterSafe or on the Water Industry Approved Plumber Scheme (WIAPS) If you have insurance that covers this...

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