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Sludge is a by-product of the treatment of waste water. This sludge can be used to produce for example energy or compost. Sludge is no longer seen as a waste product but as a bioresource.

At present South West Water recycle all of our sludge using anaerobic digestion and lime stabilisation techniques to create a biosolid product for agricultural use.

We have also invested in creating energy from waste and currently have seven operational CHP (Combined Heat and Power) plants creating a biogas that is then turned into green electricity used to provide the power to operate our sewage treatment works. The renewable energy benefits of sludge treatment are helping us keep costs down for customers.

We’ve been awarded accreditation from the Biosolids Assurance Scheme. This certifies that our treatment and recycling activities meet regulatory requirements and best practice. We are audited every year by an independent Certification Body to ensure that we conform to the scheme standards.

Ofwat is changing its regulatory approach for bioresources (sludge) to promote market development and innovation. The opening of the bioresources market in 2020 offers opportunities for efficiencies in the transport, treatment, and recycling of sludge to deliver benefits for our customers and the environment.

The water industry regulator, Ofwat, has requested that water companies share bioresources market information, and must publish this information annually from July 2018.

Information for interested parties can be found on the links on the right hand side of this page. We hope that this helps you to understand the scale and details of our operations and encourages organisations who might be interested, to get in touch by contacting us using the form below.

Water Resources

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Ofwat is changing its regulatory approach for water resources to promote market development and innovation. The opening of the water resources market in 2020 offers opportunities to deliver benefits for our customers.

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Water resources market data

Water resources market data is available here or via the option on the right hand side.

Click here for GIS compatible files.

Water trading is when a water company responsible for supplying water in an area buys it from a third party provider rather than developing its own water resources. The third party can be another water company or a private supplier.

We have no planned trades in our WRMP for either raw or treated water, but are still interested in exploring opportunities and continue a dialogue for transfers with neighbouring companies.

Trades are governed by our Trading and Procurement Code which sets out the policies, principles and requirements that will apply when appointed water companies and third parties enter into water trading arrangements with South West Water.

This code covers our three water resources zones (WRZ) in the south west peninsula and also our Bournemouth WRZ

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