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Charges announcementIMPORTANT NEWS  - The way that Developer Services charge for their work changed on 1 April 2018. Please click here to find out more.

Our dedicated Developer Services team provide a cost effective service to any scale of development, from new domestic and commercial developments to agricultural or replacement water supplies.

The options below will take you through each of the steps to ensure the right connection is made in a timely manner.

Frequently asked questions

Developer services

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How is my metered bill calculated?

Your bill is made up of a fixed charge and a variable charge. Fixed charge - This covers our costs for supplying water and taking away and treating used water. Volume charge - This is based on the amount of water you use in cubic metres. 5% allowance is given for the water that doesn’t go back into our sewers for drinking, cooking and gardening. Here is an example breakdown of how we calculate...

Can I change my payment plan?

The easiest way to change your payment plan is to talk to us so that we can advise you of the range of options available and make sure you're on the most suitable payment plan. We can arrange a call back to do this. Please complete the details in our Arrange a free call back section on this page. There's more advice here if you find that you are struggling to pay your bill.

How much water does an average person use?

The national average annual usage figures have been taken from The Consumer Council for Water and are listed below:   Annual water use in Cubic Metres CM3 Number of people living in your home Low use Average use High use 1 45 66 100 2 55 110 136 3 82 136 175 4 110 165 210 5 136 182 245 6 155 200 265 1 cubic metre = 1000 litres Your usage may be lower or higher for different...

Can I arrange to lay my own water mains and make service connection?

Yes, if you are or are employing an accredited self lay organisation, you can undertake this work. You can agree with us to lay your water mains and connections, however you will need to make an application to do so. You’ll find more details within our Self lay page.  If you want to lay service pipes only, including the section in a street, we'll provide you with a quote for a 'connection only'....

Building near to

Can I build over a public sewer?

Yes, if your extension or proposed building work is over or within 3 metres of a public sewer or lateral drain, you’ll need to let us know. You’ll need to check our guidance notes to ensure you meet the criteria and if so, complete the Declaration of works form online and return to us by email. If you’re unable to meet the criteria, you can complete the Enquiry to build over/close to public...

Can I build over a water main?

No, you are not permitted to build within 3 metres of a public water main as we must have unrestricted access to repair, maintain or renew our main when required. There are further details of an alternative process (water main diversion) within our Guidance notes.

Why do I need permission to build over or close to a public sewer?

We need to approve your proposal of works (even if you have already had planning permission granted) as your building could cause damage or prevent access to the sewer. Some conservatories and minor works don’t always need planning and/or building regulation approval, but if you plan to build over or close to a public sewer please contact us for advice. You'll find more information here.

What if my extension was built over a private sewer before 1 October 2011?

If the property was built before the transfer of private sewers to us on 1 October 2011, the works are legal as there would have been no need for approval before this date. There's more information here on building over a public sewer after this date.

New water connection

Can I separate my shared supply?

Yes, if you would like to separate your supply from a shared supply you can apply for a new connection. We’ll give you a 20% discount (up to a maximum of £250) on our charges for the work that’s required to install and connect our part of the new supply pipes to the water main. For any alterations required on your private supply or plumbing, you’ll need your own plumber. Approved plumbers can be...

How deep does my pipework need to be laid?

If you or your contractor are laying your own supply pipe, it needs to be laid: A minimum depth of 750mm of coverA maximum depth of 1350mm of cover  (We wouldn’t recommend any particular depth, as long as it’s laid within these depths) Approved plumbers can be found through WaterSafe or on the Water Industry Approved Plumber Scheme WIAPS.

How do I get a new or replacement water connection?

Take a look at our new or replacement water connection pages to find more information about this service, including how to apply, an explanation of the process and charges. When you've completed our application form, we'll contact you in writing within 5 calendar days of receiving it. Following this we will contact you to arrange a site survey. If you require new supplies for more than 2...

How do I pay for my new water connection?

You can pay by: Credit/Debit Card – 0344 346 2020 (between 8:30-4pm Monday – Friday) Please allow 1 working day for payment to process BACS Lloyds TSB Bank PlcCity Office, Corporate & InstitutionalPO Box 72Bailey DriveGillingham Business ParkKent ME8 0LS Bank Sort Code 30-00-02Bank Account Number 00456492Bank Account Name - South West Water Ltd, Collection AccountFor reference, please enter ‘NC’...

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