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A consultation is currently being carried out by Ofwat for the new charging rules for new connections and new developments for English companies from April 2020.  For more information regarding this consultation, please refer to the following website:

Adoption of new sewers or pumping stations

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We promote the use of a Section 104 agreement (Water Industry Act 1991) for the adoption of sewers and waste water pumping stations that are to be built as part of a new development.  Sewers and pumping stations must be built in accordance with the current publication of Sewers for Adoption (SFA)*.  As part of this application, you’ll also need to apply for a Sewer Connection (under Section 106 of the Water Industry Act 1991), if you wish to communicate to our existing asset - please click here for more information.

If you have already constructed your sewers and they are receiving flows, adoption can be carried out under Section 102 of the Water Industry Act: adoption of existing sewers - please click here for more information.

To enable a successful installation of the sewers, we are keen to start inspections as soon as possible after construction commences.  If we have not been in contact with to arrange a convenient site meeting to start the inspection process, please contact the Developer Services Sewer Adoption Team.

* (Currently 7th edition, although applications under 6th edition are still permissible, although 6th and 7th standards cannot be mixed).


Making an application – Forms and checklist

SFA 6 – information

SFA 7 - information

Post construction guidance

Our performance

Our minimum standard for delivery will be in accordance with the Water UK Levels of Service.

For further information on these standards and to see our performance please click here.



Although we pride ourselves on the service we provide to our SLP customers, on occasion we may fall short.


Target Timescale (days) 

Form of Redress

Report on the number of written acknowledgements within target  14 Contact from the Developer Services team to agree next steps
Technical vetting - number of applications responded to in the period  28 (note S5.1 is including in this timescale) Contact from the Developer Services team to agree next steps
Technical vetting - number of applications responded to in the period extended by agreement  as agreed Contact from the Developer Services team to agree next steps
Legal agreements sent within period of target.  14 Contact from the Developer Services team to agree next steps

The redress scheme is a temporary arrangement, in line with the requirements of Ofwat's Code for Adoption Agreements. We are working with Water UK and all other companies to determine appropriate and consistent redress arrangements across the sector.

We will update our website on completion of this work.





Contacting the team

On receipt of your application, we will confirm the name of the Project Coordinator who will be looking after your project and their direct contact number and email address.

Should you have a general enquiry or wish to escalate an issue please contact:

Ben Harney 
Assistant Project Manager
South West Water
Peninsula House
Rydon Lane
Exeter EX2 7HR

Or email us.

Should you wish to arrange a free call back or make a complaint please click here.

Design and Construction Guidance (formerly known as SfA8) - coming soon

Water UK has published a pre-implementation version of Design and Construction Guidance (formerly known as SfA8).  This is expected to come into effect by April 2020 as part of the sector’s implementation of the Ofwat Code on Adoption Agreements.  The ultimate power of approval for the document as part of the adoption code rests with Ofwat but when the new guidance does come into effect, it will be the only guide to the standards that sewers must meet if they are to be adoptable by water and sewer companies in England.

For the first time, guidance on adoptable SuDS has been provided.

Even if the final form of the guidance may change as part of the adoption code work, water and sewerage companies, planning authorities and developer are already considering charges to policies and procedures in order to implement the new manual.  The advance publication is intended to allow sufficient time for those changes to be made.

Pre-implementation version - Design and Construction Guidance

We will be working with customers over this period of time to provide further updates.

Note:  South West Water is currently unable to accept submissions under the Design and Construction Guidance 

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