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As of Friday 25 October 2019, we received the go-ahead from Ofwat to implement the sector’s new approach to sewer adoption. 

Please click her for more information on the Codes for Adoption.

New sewer connection

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If you need to make a connection to a public sewer our Sewer Connection Guide contains all the information you should need. Should your enquiry relate to Isles of Scilly then please see the specific guidance below.

To connect to the public sewer you’ll need to complete our application form and return it to us by email or post together with your supporting information. 

Isles of Scilly

From 1 April 2020 South West Water became the appointed water and wastewater company for the Isles of Scilly. This means that South West Water took responsibility for existing water and wastewater infrastructure on the islands.

Investing in our region

We believe it is right to support the necessary improvements in water and wastewater services on the islands so that services are in line with standards on mainland UK by 2025 or 2030 in the case of Tresco. This includes the ability to provide new water and sewer connections to the network.

Our wastewater investment will be focused on achieving a reliable wastewater service including being able to cope with extreme conditions, protecting the environment and providing long term benefits to the community.

The balanced investment for each island for water asset improvements will focus on achieving a clean, safe and reliable supply of drinking water.

South West Water appreciate that the island economy is heavily dependent on tourism with over 90% of the islands' income coming from this source. Therefore, our proposed programme of investment will be designed to support and enhance the economy of the islands by improving services and the environment. Once finalised, we will actively communicate with local communities to ensure we work together to deliver improvements in the best way for the communities we serve. Once the asset improvements are delivered to your community we will happily help with applications for new or replacement supplies.

Should you wish to discuss your enquiry further please contact our Developer Services Help Desk on 0800 083 1821.

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