Charges announcementIMPORTANT NEWS  - With effect from the 1 April 2018 the way that Developer Services charge for their work is changing. Please click here to find out more.

Sewer requisition

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If you have a new development site with no access to a public sewer because land owned by a 3rd party is in the way, we can lay a sewer(s) to serve your site.

We’ll agree land entry, easements and compensation for crossing the land.

Sewers can normally only be requisitioned for domestic purposes, either to serve a new development or as a 1st time service to existing properties. The requisitioned sewer would be built by us as a public sewer (serving more than one property) or as a lateral drain (serving only one property)

To requisition the sewer, the developer must have been granted full planning permission for the proposed development.

Application form and guidance notes

You can apply for a new public sewer or lateral drain using our Application Form.

Please see our guidance notes to assist with completing this form.

Flowchart and charges

Information on our Developer Services Charging Arrangements can be found here.

Please view the Sewer Requisition Customer Flowchart for more information.

Our performance

There is a set of standards produced by Water UK that measure our performance for our Developer Services activities and the results are published on a quarterly basis. 

Please click here for more information.

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