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Every five years we submit our investment plan which is known in the industry as a 'Price review.' In our 2015-2020 business plan we set performance commitments based on what our customers have told us are their priorities, and which were agreed with our industry regulator, Ofwat. The range of performance commitments includes targets with annual performance commitments and those with only 2020 targets.

We would like to tell you about the journey your water takes and how we are meeting these commitments.

Our Performance Commitments

To help our customers understand more about each of our targets, we have put together the animation below, which explains the process of supplying you with clean water and removing and treating your wastewater, and how we are performing against each of our targets.

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South West Water Performance Commitments 2018

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You can find out further information on how we are meeting these targets and performing across the business in our Annual Performance Reports as well as how we are sharing our success with customers through our WaterShare mechanism.  You can also find out more information on how we compare to other water and sewerage companies in England and Wales on the Discover Water website.