What we offer

Filtering activity


Suitable for Key stage 1 & 2

This activity enables children to have a hands on go at filtering out dirty water with stones, sand, cotton wool, sponges etc giving them some idea (on a smaller scale) of the cleaning process we use in delivering clean water to their homes.

 Water Cycle magnetic board  

Suitable for Key stage 1 & 2

Children work together to label a magnetic whiteboard with the main elements that comprise the water cycle. In this activity we look at where the water goes when it disappears and explore how it goes round in a big cycle.

Art activity  

Suitable for Key stage 1

The children are given a rain drop to paint and the suggested art piece is “the river”. We begin by discussing a river – what colour it is, what does it feel like, smell like and taste like. Is it different in the summer and winter? The children can then paint their rain drop with their own ideas of what we have been talking about – a river.


Floor mat


Suitable for Key stage 1 (Reception classes only)

The floor mat has an image of a mixed environment, typical of the South West. A total of 20 cards are handed out - representing a range of local flora and fauna. The children then have to place their card in the most suitable environment on the mat.