Current reservoir storages

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We monitor the levels of our reservoirs to ensure their optimum operation. 

Water is a precious resource and we encourage our customers to use it wisely, whatever the weather. This not only helps the environment but also helps to keep customer bills down.

Over the past two decades, demand for water has dropped as customers have reduced the amount of water they consume, partly due to a ten-fold increase in households with meters. We have also invested heavily in:

  • improving our ability to move water around the region
  • reducing leakage from pipes
  • increasing reservoir storage eg converting two former clay pits
  • pump storage schemes at Wimbleball and Colliford to improve resilience
  • increasing capacity and improving efficiency at our water treatment works
  • All these initiatives mean we have successfully avoided water restrictions since 1996.

The current levels of our five largest reservoirs are shown in the table below.

Week ending 14 January 2018
Week 02
Total reservior storage for the week 103,358 Ml (89.6%)


Reservoir details
  Net capacity (Ml) Current storage (%)
Roadford 34,500 89.4
Colliford 28,540 96.1
Wimbleball 21,320 76.0
Stithians 4,967 91.6
Burrator 4,210 97.7

Our total storage level is shown here:

Our five largest reservoir storage levels can be found here

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