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We’re tasked with planning the future of our region’s water resources along with ensuring we are equipped to maintain essential supplies in times of drought.

Our water resources management plan

Our plan, which meets with the Environment Agency’s agreed guidelines sets out how we’ll maintain a balance between our water supply and the demand over the next 25 years while protecting the environment. This is reviewed and updated every 5 years.

In June 2014 we published our latest plan which followed a public consultation on our draft plan (published in March 2013)

Our plan includes data on climate change, metering policy, leakage, water conservation and other relevant areas. We believe that we’re unlikely to have a supply demand shortage within our planning period ending 2039/40. (No information has been excluded from this plan on the grounds of national security or commercial confidentiality)

Maintaining supplies during times of drought

Hosepipe bans were not uncommon in the 1980s and 90s, but we have invested heavily in improving our water security since the last water restrictions in the South West in 1996.

However, the weather is unpredictable and likely to get more so as a result of climate change. We must plan for droughts, and decide what we will do during prolonged periods of low rainfall. Our drought plan sets out how we intend to manage water resources during extended periods of dry weather.

Water companies are required to prepare and maintain a drought plan on a five yearly cycle. The plans are produced following guidance provided by our environmental regulator the Environment Agency.

Our latest plan was published in March 2013, following a period of public consultation. Within our Plan we make reference to further work with the Environment Agency on historical droughts. This work was completed in September 2013 and concluded that no changes are required to our latest plan .


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