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We’re tasked with planning the future of our region’s water resources along with ensuring we are equipped to maintain essential supplies in times of drought.

Our water resources management plan

Water companies are required to prepare and maintain a Water Resources Management Plan on a five yearly cycle. The Plan sets out how we plan to manage supply and demand for the next 25 years. It examines strategic issues that affect available water and demand and details how we intend to maintain the balance between water supply and demand to ensure customers receive a continued reliable supply. Our Plan covers both South West Water and Bournemouth Water following the merger in April 2016.

We have reviewed our previous Water Resources Management Plan and updated it to produce a new Draft Water Resources Management Plan, which we submitted to Defra in December 2017. The Plan has been prepared in accordance with guidelines issued by the Environment Agency. We are a member of the West Country Water Resources Group and are working with other water companies regarding transfers between Water Companies. We are also working with the Environment Agency on proposals for the Lower Otter Restoration Project.

Following permission being granted by Defra, the new Water Resources Management Plan was published for public consultation in March 2018.  The public consultation period has now closed and we have prepared a Statement Of Response to the comments we received. The Statement Of Response outlines the changes we have made to the Plan in response to the representations we received.

You can access our Statement Of Response by following the link below:

Draft Water Resource Management Plan - Statement Of Response

Our Statement Of Response was reviewed by Defra who requested further information, which we have provided:

You can access our Draft Water Resources Management Plan following the links below:

The technical Water Resources Management Plan tables are available on request.

A paper copy of our Draft Water Resources Management Plan can be viewed at our offices at Bournemouth Water and South West Water:

South West Water
Peninsula House
Rydon Lane
Bournemouth Water
George Jessel House 
Francis Avenue 
BH11 8NX

Should you wish to make any representations to the Secretary of State on our Draft Water Resources Management Plan, please send them using the following contact details:

Email water.resources@defra.gsi.gov.uk
Please entitle your email “South West Water and Bournemouth Water’s Draft Water Resources Management Plan”.
Post: Secretary of State for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)
South West Water and Bournemouth Water’s 
Water Resources Management Plan Consultation
Water Resources Policy
Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 
Area 3D 
Nobel House 
17 Smith Square 

If you wish to send a copy of your representation to us, please use waterfuture@southwestwater.co.uk or our postal address as above.

Representations must be received by the Secretary of State by 25 May 2018.

We will use the feedback to develop our Final Water Resources Management Plan which is due for publication in 2018.

The published version of the Draft Water Resources Management Plan is required to exclude any matters of commercial confidentiality and any material contrary to the interests of national security. There were no matters of commercial confidentiality. In the published version of the Plan we have excluded information relating to the location of key assets on the advice of our certifier for emergency planning and in the interests of national security.
We are also required to publish tables and information for water resources markets. These are available by following the link below:


Links to the existing Water Resources Management Plans for South West Water and Bournemouth Water:

South West Water

Bournemouth Water

For details of our wider business proposals for 2020-25 please visit www.southwestwater.co.uk/waterfuture

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