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Our Environmental Metrics

We are committed to delivering against every single one of our 39 envirnmental metrics and measures. For a full break down of our progress 2021/22 visit our dashboard, the 6 key areas highlighted below.

Looking after our beautiful South West

The South West is incredibly special. From our precious National Parks to beautiful beaches. We're proud to call it home. We're planting 250,00 trees, restoring our precious peatland and much more.

A greener, cleaner future

Our promise to the planet a carbon busting net zero plan. It takes a lot of energy to make drinking water, and to treat and return wastewater back into our environment.

Tap water is precious

Being water savvy is a win-win for the environment and you, our customers. We're pinpointing and fixing leaks as quick as possible, reducing our own water use across our business, but we need your help to save tap water where you can.

Protecting the South West's waters

We’re enjoying 100% in bathing water standards across the beaches of Devon and Cornwall, so you can paddle, surf, and even swim all year round.

Improving our wastewater services

From the moment you flush the loo, empty the bath, or wash your clothes; the water you’ve used must travel through our wastewater network and needs to be treated and tested, ensuring it’s clean and safe enough before returning to the environment.

Making the changes we all want to see

We’re making big improvements to our region’s infrastructure as part of our commitment to protect and enhance our natural environment.