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The South West is incredibly special. From our precious National Parks to beautiful beaches. We're proud to call it home.

Right now, we're working on our largest environmental improvement programme across the South West. It's a significant investment we're making, the highest level in the past 15 years, but it's the right to do, as we work to protect our beautiful South West's natural environment.



Planting a tree-mendous future

Trees are amazing and we’re planting 250,000 of them. Trees are nature’s water cleaners, and the best way of protecting our water supply, as well as benefiting our environment and wellbeing. They help combat climate change, improve water quality, reduce flooding, enhance biodiversity and add to the natural beauty of our region. Back in 2019, we announced ambitious plans to plant at least 100,000 trees by 2030 – we smashed that target in 2021! Now we’re upping our plans, we’re going to plant 250,000 by 2025… and we’re delighted to say we’re on track to achieve this!



There's moor to us than you think

We’ve invested millions in restoring the region’s precious peatland on Exmoor, Dartmoor and Bodmin Moor. 90% of the water we use in Devon and Cornwall comes from our moorland and lowland. Our unique landscape is crucial to our everyday lives. Our work to restore peatland and bogs is hugely important; helping to store carbon, improve water quality, reduce flooding, and work wonders protecting wildlife.


Read more about our Exmoor Mires project here



What are we doing?

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